About Mandir!
The SarvaDev Mandir was established on September 20th, 2001 to meet the religious needs of the Indian Community. Several friends with similar ideology got together and established a fund for the down payment of the Mandir. The Mandir became an instant success with the outpouring of commitment of the devotees. It became very obvious that the expansion of the Mandir is necessary to meet our objectives and needs. In a short span of five years, we embarked on an ambitious project of not only building a new Temple but to add the community center as well.
The day to day operation of the Mandir is managed by nine Board of Trustees. Five of such trustees are Founding Trustees of the organization.
  • President: Ishwara Sharma
  • Vice President: Shankar Garg
  • Secretary: Subash Gupta
  • Treasurer: Shiva Saksena
  • Members: Neelu Sharma, Ravi Acharya, Ram Upadhyay, Barin Bando, Jay Patel