Wedding packages

Sarva Dev Mandir Wedding Package
Oxford, Mass 01540

Basic Package: $750

Wedding on Mandir Side Only
Includes Preist services – Mandir Hall and use of facility.
All materials needed for wedding.
No Mandap and No Hall included.

Package 1 Includes: $2000
Priest Services- 750
Hall Rental-500
Mandap-500 (plain as it stands)
Tables -25*pt*10=250
Table Clothes -15ptc*10=150(the ones we have)
Total Value-= 2800
Total Saving of $800

Package 2 Includes: $2500
All above plus
Mandap Decoration- Chairs-Bride and Groom
Chairs =45pc*2=$90
Back Drop=$100
Side Panels 4*$20=$80
Area Oriental Rug= $30
Pidis(small stools) for Bride and Groom’s Parents= $15*4=$60
Kalash stand $50*2=100
Brass Decorative Havan Kund=$50
Total Value= $3310
Total Saving= $810

Package 3 Includes: $3200
All above in packages 1 and 2 Plus
Photography services
Note: Audio and Video System is $100 extra with any of the above packages